HIS IS a one term class designed to aid the aspiring witch or wizard in making their own wand. We will talk about the history of wands, including ethics thereof, the materials of which wands might be made and how to actually make your own wand. I hope that you enjoy the information herein, and create for yourself a wand of which you are proud!

Class Information
and Rules

All the lessons and assignments are up now. You may hand in your assignments ahead of time (but not before term starts on February 1st) but must hand them in in order — Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc. To receive a QUILL for this class, you must complete 3 of the 4 assignments AND the final exam with no less than 150 points.

Send your assignment (and optional extra credit), in the body of an email, to me at the following address:

Do not send attachments; all emails with attachments will be automatically deleted.

Within the body of every assignment, at the top of the page, write your full HOL name, your ID and House.

The Subject Line for your first assignment email is: "Wand-Making - Lesson 1 - (your HOL ID)". (Change the Lesson number on the subsequent three assignments and Term Exam.)

All HOL Hogwarts guidelines and rules are to be respected and followed.

Each assignment is due at the end of its month except for the Term Exam, e.g., Assignment 1 is due at the end of February, Assignment 2 is due at the end of March, Assignment 3 is due at the end of April, Assignment 4 is due at the end of May, and the Term Exam is due by June 15th.

If you need an extension for any of the Assignments, please ask for one before its due date. Send me an HOL Message or an email at the class address specifying for which assignment you want an extension... and for which class!

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
Professor - Wand-Making

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