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Assignment 1

Assignment 1 is due by February 28. Do not send it in before the term starts; those early submissions will be deleted.

Send your homework to [email protected] using the following subject line: Charms - Lesson 1 - your HOL name. For example, if I were to send in this assignment, the subject line would be, "Charms - Lesson 1 - Prof. Tarma Amelia Black".

Do not send attachments; any email with attachments will be deleted.

Within the body of every assignment, at the top of the page, write your full HOL name and House.

Assignment 1 (30 points)

Each question is worth 3 points.

1. What was the Lord's prayer used for in the Middle Ages?
2. What are the names of the objects that are mistakenly called "lucky charms"? (No, not the cereal!)
3. What is the name of the book in the Hogwarts Library that would be a good charm reference?
4. Do you need to know the location of the object you call when you Accio?
5. What Latin word does Lumos originate from and what does it mean?

For 15 points:
In essay form, please indicate, using any of the seven (7) HP books, a specific charm used, that we did not discuss in class. Make reference to which book and chapter, who used it, and the circumstances surrounding its use. No fewer than 50 words, no more than 200 please.

Extra Credit 1 (30 points)

As you can see, spells are generally derived from the Latin language. For 30 points extra credit, create 5 new spells using Latin words, worth 6 points each. You will need to research their meaning and come up with a spell that correlates with that meaning. Discuss the pronunciation, what it is used for, and how it is performed. There is no right or wrong answer, but please have them make sense with the Latin meaning. There are several sources online for a Latin/English dictionary.