Thorin's map, which blends into Bilbo's entryway, and through the door the movie poster for The Desolation of Smaug can be seen

Assignment Two

Assignment 2 is due by March 31. Do not send it in before the term starts; those early submissions will be deleted.

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True or False

1 point each; if it is false, write what is true.
10 points

1. Martin Biggs played the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.
2. While boot camp was great, it created more discord than unity amongst the actors.
3. Thorin Oakenshield was played by Richard Armitage.
4. There were four principle writers for the screenplay of The Hobbit.
5. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed and came out in 2001, 2002, and 2003.
6. Peter Jackson was immediately enthused to jump in and direct The Hobbit after finishing The Lord of the Rings movies.
7. Sir Ian McKellen came back to play Gandalf again.
8. The actors playing dwarves wore prosthetics on their hands in order for them to look larger and more dwarvish.
9. One of the major difficulties in making The Hobbit was the fact that a differentiation had to be made between each and every dwarf.
10. The actual funding of the movie and the book rights to The Hobbit book were trouble-free.

The Dwarves

In The Hobbit the dwarves are seen as one group, but within that one group are different family units. Which dwarves belong in which family unit? I've started each group with one member; you continue to fill in the other members from the list found elsewhere in this assignment.
10 points

1. Thorin
2. Dori
3. Dwalin
4. Bofur
5. Oin


Solve this jigsaw puzzle, and send a link to your screencap (saved in Photobucket or a similar site).
10 points


Mix and Match

Match each of the character names with the actor who plays that character.
10 points

A. Sir Ian McKellan
B. Martin Freeman
C. Richard Armitage
D. Ken Stott
E. Graham McTavish
F. William Kircher
G. James Nesbitt
H. Stephen Hunter
I. Dean O'Gorman
J. Aidan Turner
K. John Callen
L. Peter Hambleton
M. Jed Brophy
N. Mark Hadlow
O. Adam Brown

1. Bifur
2. Kili
3. Fili
4. Bombur
5. Bofur
6. Bilbo
7. Gloin
8. Balin
9. Gandalf
10. Ori
11. Thorin
12. Nori
13. Dwalin
14. Dori
15. Oin

Portrayal of Middle Earth

10 Points for at least 200 words

Obviously, if Guillermo del Toro had directed The Hobbit, it would not have been set in quite the same Middle Earth as established by Peter Jackson when he directed the LotR trilogy because the two directors have their own unique visions of what Middle Earth is. What Del Toro had done was neither bad or wrong, but when Peter Jackson ended up directing the movies, he decided to set aside much of what Del Toro had already done to use his own vision of Middle Earth that he had created for LotR.

If you were the director in charge of creating The Hobbit movie(s), do you feel that the Middle Earth established in The Lord of the Rings movies needed to be maintained in the making of the The Hobbit movies? Or would you go with something that was closer to the actual book as written?

Who would you be?

10 points for at least 150 words

Do you have a yearning to portray one of the dwarves in the book or movie? Who would it be if you did? Why? If you don't, why? Do you have a favorite dwarf? If so, why? If not, is there a reason why not? There are no right or wrong answers; this is more of a thing of your choices.

Lookin' for loot

Find the fifteen words or phrases from the lesson hidden in the puzzle.
30 points

A word search

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