Thorin's map, which blends into Bilbo's entryway, and through the door the movie poster for The Desolation of Smaug can be seen

Syllabus and Class Information

There will be 5 lessons. Each lesson will have an assignment page where there will be different opportunities for you to earn points. You may choose which you do; there will be a possible 60 points maximum per assignment.

Earning a quill

To pass this class and receive a quill, you must complete 3 of the 5 assignments with no less than 150 points out of the possible 300 available to you.


All of the lessons and assignments are now up. You may do all of them at once now or take them as they come. Either way, send in your homeworks in order of assignment — i.e. send me Assignment 1 before you send in Assignment 2, and so forth — but don't send any of them in before February 1. Late work will be accepted but points will be deducted for lateness (5 points per month). The absolute final due date for late work is June 15th.

Bilbo running through a field, past a pig, with a long piece of parchment trailing after himHomework

Mail your homework to [email protected]. The subject line for homework is The Hobbit - Lesson 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) - your HOL name.

For example, if I were to send in the assignment for Lesson 1, the subject line would be The Hobbit - Lesson 1 - Prof. Tarma Amelia Black. Do not send attachments; any email with attachments will be deleted.

Within the body of every assignment, at the top of the page, write your full HOL name and House.

If for accessibility reasons you can't complete an assignment, please just let me know and an alternative can be worked out.

All HOL Hogwarts guidelines and rules are to be respected and followed. If you have class questions before you sign up for the class, please send me an HOL Message.

A (Partial) List of Resources

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