Thorin's map, which blends into Bilbo's entryway, and through the door the movie poster for The Desolation of Smaug can be seen

Assignment Three

Assignment 3 is due by April 30. Do not send it in before the term starts; those early submissions will be deleted.

Remember that Assignment 3 is to be sent in after Assignments 1 and 2 are sent in.

Send your homework to [email protected] using the following subject line: The Hobbit - Lesson 3 - your HOL name. For example, if I were to send in this assignment, the subject line would be, "The Hobbit - Lesson 3 - Prof. Tarma Amelia Black".

Do not send attachments; any email with attachments will be deleted.

Within the body of every assignment, at the top of the page, write your full HOL name and House.

Each lesson will have an assignment page where there will be a variety of opportunities for you to earn points. You may choose which you do; you can earn a maximum of 60 points per assignment.

Editor's note: Tarma stopped naming assignment options, so I took it upon myself to come up with suitable titles. I may have had some fun with some of them. Go, me!


20 points for at least 300 words

This is your turn to write impressions! (You can read mine here, which is a little over 700 words, and I cut it back a lot from the original!) Don't worry about sentence construction. Please do keep the swear words (if any) to HOL standards (you may fill in with @#@# or something if you need to).

Returning Characters

5 points per character with at least 50 words, up to 30 points (six characters)

Many familiar faces from the Lord of the Rings movies returned in the first movie. Who were they, and who played them? Was this a legitimate use of that character? Why (or why not)?


10 points for at least 100 words

Radagast the Brown is not even mentioned in The Hobbit (book), yet his character is not only mentioned but appears and is well-developed in the movie. Does this work, or does it not work?

Segway (or Gondor Needs No Context)

10 points for at least 100 words

The movie starts with old Bilbo, Erebor and Dale in order to segue the viewers back into the world of Middle-Earth (as created in the LotR movies) as well as give the dwarves a richer history and broader characterization. Does this work, or does it not work?


20 points for at least 200 words

Please answer the following questions. Did you enjoy the first movie? Why or why not? What scenes stick out particularly to you, as really good or really bad? Did you enjoy the developing of the characters of the Dwarves, so they weren't just background figures for the adventure of the Hobbit in the story? What about Gandalf? Is he your idea of what a Wizard should be?