Thorin's map, which blends into Bilbo's entryway, and through the door the movie poster for The Desolation of Smaug can be seen

Lesson Five: The Battle of the Five Armies

The third movie, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, tells the story of the last six chapters of the book.

A brief recap of the last six chapters of The Hobbit

The Comic-Con poster featuring Smaug attacking Lake-town, with Bard standing in front, bow in handA not-so-brief recap of the movie

Note: The text below is in two different colors. Blue text (with a serif font) indicates story material directly from the book. Black text (with a sans serif font, the page's default) indicates changes from the original book made by Jackson to provide greater character depth, background information, and entertainment. Yes, this is the reverse of other lessons. That's because there were so many changes from book to movie, with many of the changes dependent upon changes made in previous movies, I just highlighted the items which are (mostly) true to the book of when it happened in the movie.

The Hobbit

Night scene: the Lonely Mountain, fiery. Shift to Laketown. The Master ranting about waking the dragon. People evacuating. Smaug roars in the distance. Tauriel goes into Bard's house, where his children and the Dwarves are. Bard is in prison. "Open this door!" Dwarves, Tauriel and children in boat and the dragon flies overhead. Flames on Laketown. The Master and Alfred refuse to take boarders on their boat. The Master throws Alfred overboard. Bard gets out by lassoing the Master and pulling out bars of prison. Town in flames.

Shift to Lonely Mountain; no longer fiery, Smaug is gone. Dwarves and Bilbo on ledge looking out at Laketown. Balin: "Poor souls." All there seem distressed, except Thorin, who is off to the side, gazing at doorway to mountain.

Bard makes his way to belltower, with ordinary bow and arrows. Shoots at Smaug. Bard's son, Bain, in boat, sees him "Da." Bain leaves boat, gets the Black Arrow and takes it to Bard. Smaug lands. "Who are you that would stand against me?" Bard shoots Smaug with Black Arrow. Smaug dies. Falling from the sky and capsizing and crushing the boat the Master and his minions are in.

Lonely Mountain. Nori: "What was that?" Bilbo: "Smaug is dead." Thorin still doesn't look at Laketown but hears Bilbo's words and straightens up. The Ravens of Erebor return to the mountain. Balin: "Every soul in Middle Earth will know the dragon is dead." Thorin scowls.

The Battle of the Five Armies

Gandalf is in cage hanging over empty space up on some mountain. Galadriel mind speaks: "You are not alone, Mithrandir."

Laketown people, on bank of lake, in distress. Alfred lived. Kili goes with the Dwarves, leaving Tauriel, who stays with Legolas. Bard is acknowledged as killing the dragon. When folks ask what to do, he takes charge: "We find shelter."

Fili, Kili, the rest of the Dwarves, return to Erebor. Bilbo stops them. "We need to leave." Thorin is sick. They continue on into Erebor. Thorin seeks the Arkenstone, but Bilbo has it.

The Lake People gather to go to safety.

Azog approaches with army of Orcs. Legolas summoned to return to his king but finds out Tauriel is banished so he refuses to return. They go to Gundabad.

Gandalf is still in cage. Gandalf is taken out of cage by huge Orc. Galadriel shows up, destroys Orc. She picks up Gandalf. Is surrounded by the Nine. Elrond walks in. Saruman shows up. They fight the Nine as Galadriel tends to Gandalf. "Come back." Radagast comes in with sleigh and rabbits. Gandalf leaves in sleigh with Radagast. Sauron shows up. Galadriel sends Sauron back to the void.

Radagast takes Gandalf to his home. Gandalf leaves to warn Erebor. He tells Radagast to summon the birds and beasts. The battle for the mountain is about to begin.

Thorin looks for the Arkenstone. Balin is in distress. He recognizes Thorin suffers from Dragon Sickness. Tells Bilbo that. Bilbo: "If Thorin had the Arkenstone, would it help? Would it stay his madness?" Balin: "No, laddie. I fear it would make him worse."

Survivors from Laketown arrive in the ruins of Dale. Dwarves put up barricades at Erebor. Gandalf rides to Erebor. Army of Elves arrive at Dale. The elves brought food and supplies. Thranduil came "to claim what is [his]." Bard says, "Let me speak with Thorin." Thranduil: "To avoid war?" Bard: "Yes."

Thorin refuses Bard's words. Bilbo to Thorin "What are you doing?"

Laketown arms up to join the attack at dawn with the Elves. Thorin gives Bilbo the mithril vest.

Legolas and Tauriel reach Gundabad.

Gandalf arrives at Dale, talks with Bard and Thranduil. "You must put aside your petty grievances with the Dwarves." There are Orc armies coming. Thranduil: "Where are these armies?"

The Orc armies arrives via Were-worms digging tunnels. Huge war-bats are released. Bolg calls forth the armies to march. Thranduil is not convinced.

Bilbo sneaks out of Erebor that night. He arrives at Elvish camp. Gandalf greets him. Bilbo gives Arkenstone to Thranduil with the hope "there will be no need for war."

Morning: Ranks of Elves in front of the gates of Erebor. Thranduil says they would trade for — and Bard shows the Arkenstone. Thorin: "It's a trick." Bilbo had returned to the mountain that same night. He says the stone is real. "I gave it to them." Thorin is mad. "Throw him from the rampart!" The other Dwarves refuse and hinder Thorin some from doing it himself. Gandalf stops Thorin from throwing Bilbo over ramparts. Bilbo leaves.

Bard: "Will you have peace or war?"

Thorin sees the arrival of the raven, signifying the approach of more dwarves, and looks to see the Dwarves coming over the ridge.

"I will have war."

Dain, lord of the Iron Hills, Thorin's cousin, arrives with his army. He is riding a great boar. Gandalf talks with Dain — there is no need for war between Dwarves, Men and Elves. A legion of Orcs march on the Mountain. Insults are exchanged between Dain and Thranduil. All prepare for battle.

Rumbling heard from mountain side.

Gandalf: "Were-worms."

Dain: "Oh. Come on!"

Azog, on high peak, "Come forth my armies!"

The Orcs come running out of tunnels made by Were-worms. Dain attacks Orcs.

Fili: "I'm going over the wall. Who's coming with me?"

Thorin: "Stand down!"

The Elves don't fight, Gandalf challenges Thranduil. The Elves join the battle!

Azog on Ravenhill: "Send in the War Beasts!" Azog's plan — make them fight on two fronts. "Attack the city!"

Bard order 'Men' to fall back to Dale. Gandalf: "To the city! Bilbo, this way!" War troll breeches wall to city, Orcs pour in. Bilbo fights in the city. Thranduil is fighting in the city. Dain fighting on plateau. "Where's Thorin? We need him."

Bard in city: "Fall back!" Pan shots of many men and women killed. Gandalf is fighting. Orcs overwhelming everyone.

Thorin sitting on his throne, crown on head. Dwalin comes in and challenges him. Thorin sinks into madness... plummets into madness. "I am not my Grandfather!" He throws down the crown. Goes out to the Dwarves. "I have no right to ask this of any of you. But will you follow me, one last time?" The Dwarves raise weapons, stand — showing yes.

Orcs assemble at Erebor, facing Dwarves backed up against the great walls. Horn blows at Erebor heights. Thorin and company join in fight — run out of Erebor and lead fight to the Orcs. The Dwarves rally to their king.

Bard — to men — "Follow me!" and they fight in the city. The women and children decide to fight. Alfred is discovered dressed as a woman, and scorned as a weasel.

Dain and Thorin meet on battle:

Dain: "I hope you've got a plan."

Thorin: "Aye. We're going to take out their leader."

Dain: "Azog."

Thorin leaps on great horned (saddled and bridled) goat. Dwalin follows and Kili and Fili.

In city, Bilbo sees them galloping up the mountain — tells Gandalf.

Azog sees them coming.

Legolas and Tauriel arrive in Dale. Legolas tells Gandalf of the Gundabad Orcs on the way, with Bolg. From the North.

Bilbo: "Where's the North?"

Gandalf: "Ravenhill."

Bilbo: "Ravenhill. Thorin is up there and Fili and Kili! They're all up there."

Tauriel hears Bilbo... and looks....

Back to Ravenhill, four Dwarves fighting Orcs. Where is Azog? He has fled. Thorin: "No."

In Dale: Thranduil walks about, sees all the dead Elves. He's going to leave. Gandalf: Go tell Thorin of new force coming. Thranduil refuses.

Bilbo: "I'll go."

Gandalf: "It's out of the question. I won't allow it."

Bilbo: "I'm not asking you to allow it, Gandalf."

He hides and puts on the Ring. Leaves the city.

Tauriel tries to stop Thranduil from leaving and he disarms her, mocks her love for Kili. Legolas heard the conversation, saw it all. Legolas intercedes. He will go with Tauriel to help the Dwarves.

Bilbo gets to Ravenhill and delivers news of new army from North to Thorin and Dwalin. Fili and Kili are scouting.

Drums. Azog has Fili. Kills him. Drops him. Fili's body lands in front of Kili far below. Kili goes after Azog. Thorin goes after Kili.

Azog meets Thorin. They fight. Bilbo is attacked by Orcs. Dwalin comes and protects him.

Tauriel and Legolas arrive at Ravenhill. Kili fighting Orcs. Tauriel joins him. Bilbo is hit by blunt end of Orc weapon and is knocked out. Legolas shoots Orcs that join Azog. Tauriel yells for Kili, he yells for her. Bolg catches Tauriel, is going to kill her and Kili jumps Bolg. Bolg mortally wounds Kili, in front of Tauriel. Kili looks at Tauriel, she looks at him. He dies. Tauriel grabs Bolg and throws them both off the precipice. Tauriel lands on a ledge. Bolg comes back to finish her off. Legolas saw them both falling and sees Bolg approach her. He has no more arrows! So he does some incredible Elven stuff to confront Bolg.

Thorin, weaponless, on ice, is attacked by Orc. Legolas throws his sword, kills Orc. Thorin grabs sword as Orc dies. Bolg attacks Legolas. Legolas falls. Sees Azog on the ice. Stalks Azog. Legolas and Bolg fighting. Legolas — more incredible Elvish stuff. Loses another knife because it's stuck in Bolg's head. Bolg dies.

Legolas looks for Tauriel.

Thorin and Azog fighting on ice.

The Eagles arrive and Radagast (is flying on one)!

Beorn came in flying on Eagle. He jumps off Eagle and turns into Bear and lands as Bear and decimates the Orcs.

Thorin drops sword, picks up the heavy mace Azog is using, tossed it to Azog who catches it &mdashl then Thorin steps off ice floe. Which tilts and Azog falls into water. Azog pretends death and then stabs Thorin through foot up through ice. Azog bursts out of ice. He tries to impale Thorin who is laying on the ice. Thorin holds off the weapon with both hands and then he lets go. Azog impales Thorin through torso BUT Thorin grabs his sword with hand now free and stabs Azog. Azog dies.

Bilbo wakes up. Sees the Eagles. "The Eagles are coming."

Bilbo walks, sees Thorin (who has walked to the edge of the precipice to see what's going on down in the valley).

Thorin falls. Bilbo runs down. Bilbo sees (really bad) wound.

Thorin: "I'm glad you are here. I wish to part from you in friendship. I would take back my words and my deeds at the Gate. You did what only a true friend would do. Forgive me. I was too blind to see it. I am so sorry that I have led you into such peril."

Bilbo — 'you'll be fine', 'stop that' sort of thing.

"Farewell Master Burglar. Go back to your books. And your armchair. Plant your trees. Watch them grow. If more people valued home above gold this world would be a merrier place."

Thorin dies. Bilbo tells him to hold on, the Eagles are here, knowing Thorin is dead, refusing to accept it. Then he finally accepts that Thorin is dead and mourns.

Tauriel mourns. Legolas watches. Thranduil shows up on Ravenhill. Legolas sees him. "I cannot go back." Thranduil: "Where will you go?" Legolas: "I do not know." Thranduil: "Go north. Find the Dunedain. There's a young Ranger amongst them. You should meet him. His father, Arathorn, was a good man. His son might grow to be a great one." Legolas: "What is his name?" Thranduil: "He's known in the Wild as Strider. His true name you must discover for yourself."

Legolas leaves. Thranduil finds Tauriel at Kili's body.

She weeps. "Why does it hurt so much?"

Thranduil: "Because it was real."

She kisses Kili's lips farewell.

Bilbo sitting at Ravenhill. Gandalf joins him, pulls out pipe, gets it going (being aware of Bilbo the whole time). Bilbo glances at Gandalf... finally looks at him. Gandalf looks at Bilbo. Tiny tiny smile from Bilbo and Gandalf smiles a little and nods. "Hmmph." The surviving Dwarves gather at Thorin's fallen body on the precipice ice sheet.

Horn blows at Dale. The people all gathered there on the heights. At Erebor, Balin's voice... "There is to be a great feast tonight. Songs will be sung. Tales will be told. And Thorin Oakenshield will pass into legend." Balin and Bilbo show up on screen, walking out main gate of Erebor. Bilbo thinks he can slip quietly away and asks Balin to tell them goodbye for him. "You can tell them yourself."

Bilbo turns — all the Dwarves at huge doorway. He smiles.

"If any of you are ever passing Bag End, uh, tea is at four. There's plenty of it. You are welcome anytime."

They all bow.

Bilbo: "Don't bother knocking."

They chuckle.

Gandale is there. He smiles. Bilbo walks to join Gandalf.

Panning scenery of Middle Earth. Gandalf and Bilbo riding through various kinds of country. They reach the borders of the Shire. Bilbo, dismounted, carries saddle bags and wooden chest. Gandalf says he is leaving Bilbo, here at the border of the Shire. Bilbo says, "That's a shame." He says he quite liked having a wizard around. "Seems they bring good luck."

Gandalf: "You don't really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck? Magic rings should not be used lightly, Bilbo. Don't take me for a fool. I know you found one in the Goblin tunnels. And I've kept my eye on you ever since."

Bilbo: "Well, thank goodness. Farewell, Gandalf."

Gandalf: "Farewell."

Bilbo walks off, turns.

"You, uh. You needn't worry about that ring. Fell out of my pocket during the battle. I lost it."

Gandalf: "You're a very fine person, Mr. Baggins. And I'm very fond of you. But you're only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all."

Bilbo walks off into the Shire. Gandalf watches him, smiling, then his face grows serious and he turns, walking back to the horses.

Bilbo crests a hill to see Bag End. Lots of Hobbits, carrying his possessions! He's been presumed dead; his effects and estate are being auctioned off. Although they all recognize him, he's asked to prove who he is — "Something official with your name on it would suffice."

Bilbo digs out his contract of employment as a burglar. Auctioneer: "Who is this you pledged your service to? Thorin Oakenshield?"

Bilbo: "He — he was my friend."

Bilbo opens door to his home, looks at all the emptiness and mess. Wanders his house, starts to tidy it up. Happy. Then some sort of internal strife... he reaches into pocket...

See Ring held in hand ... but pull back view and see it's old Bilbo holding Ring. He hears a knock on the door; he clutches Ring in fist. "No, thank you! We don't want any more visitors, well-wishers or distant relations!"

Gandalf: "And what about very old friends?"

Bilbo's face lights up and he rushes to the door... and it's the start of LotR movie.

The poster for The Battle of the Five Armies, featuring Bilbo kneeling with Sting, his head loweredChanges from Book to Movie

I found a great little site where someone compared all the changes from book to movie: I like it because it is straightforward, not saying whether the changes are good or bad.

Changes from Book to Movie, as Noted by Me
as well as some Extemporary remarks generated while watching movie (and others after re-reading that part of the book)

I'm not going to mention Azog appearing again, except to say he doesn't appear here in the book at all. His son, Bolg, does appear in the book. Alfred doesn't exist in the book per se. The Master lives through Smaug's attack on Laketown, dies in the movie. All of the Dwarves are at the Lonely Mountain, there is no Tauriel, no Legolas, no Bain. Thorin has, in both book and movie, been struck with Dragon Sickness.

Gandalf in book is not in a cage in the mountains. There was no fight in Gundabad with Galadriel, Saruman and Elrond. NEVER PISS OFF GALADRIEL! Thorin did look for the Arkenstone in the book; he was obsessed with finding it. Bilbo did find the Arkenstone and hide that he found it. He snuck out during his 'watch' to the camp of the Elves. There are no Were-worms. Thorin was pissed at Bilbo — sent him back to the Elven camp upon Gandalf's urging. Ironfoot did arrive with a bunch of Dwarves. Bilbo was up on Ravenhill and was hit by something and fell unconscious. Before that, though, he saw the Eagles. "The Eagles are coming!"

Someone found him; he had been wearing his ring so was invisible to the rescue searchers. He did visit with Thorin before Thorin died. The Lake people did not go to Dale as shown in the movie but stayed at Laketown and only went to Dale later. Thorin gave Bilbo the mithril vest when first the Dwarves got into Smaug's cavern — when Smaug had left.

The talking Thrush and Raven(s) are not mentioned in the movie. Bard was not imprisoned, but did shoot the dragon with a black arrow (but it wasn't a special black arrow as in the movie).

Bilbo and Gandalf visited many folks on their way back to the Shire. Beorn, the Elves in Rivendell, and he didn't return to the Shire until May 1st, after travelling (and staying with friends) for months.

Gandalf and Balin visited Bilbo some years later; he was writing his memoirs. He thought of calling them "There and Back Again". They caught him up with the news:

But this is what got me near the end of the movie:

I heard that, saw that in the movie theatre and yes, almost yelled in outrage HE DIDN'T SAY THAT.

Also, some of the remarks of Gandalf, in that last scene between them, are taken way out of context. They were said when he and Balin came and visited Bilbo years later (see above).

That's a Wrap!

As someone who won't be named (but her name is Cosmo) once1 told me, I need to watch the movies for what they are and not be so concerned about if they are canon or not.

1And by once, I mean many, many times.

Once I got past my extreme displeasure at what had been done to Bilbo's character (with him lying to Gandalf about having lost the Ring in the battle), I realized that it was a brilliant piece of film-making.

The segue to old Bilbo, from relatively youthful Bilbo, would have been more difficult to understand if we had left Bilbo at the Shire with his innocence (yes, even after all he experienced, his innocence, his truthfulness of being, was shiny) still intact. I didn't like Bilbo in LotR. I really liked Bilbo in The Hobbit. This twist put on the character at the end of the movie, which was not present at all in the book, I could see as necessary — for the continuance of the saga of Middle Earth as a whole.

Jackson and team told the story of The Hobbit with the same sort of view as used for The Lord of the Rings. As such, it needed to be told without the light touch needed for a child's book. Also, as told in Lesson 1, Professor Tolkien himself wanted to do a rewrite of the book for an older audience but stopped. I feel that Jackson succeeded.

They fleshed out the story with Middle Earth canon — material written by Tolkien. Sure, Gandalf wasn't in Gandabar in the book The Hobbit — but where did he go when he left the Dwarves at Mirkwood? Were Galadriel and Elrond and Saruman really all that unaware and/or indifferent to what was happening in Middle Earth? These and other questions are given answers — which are possible and maybe even probable — in the movies. Some of the Legolas stuff got to be a bit much, but heh, it's Legolas Greenleaf.

So do I, now that I've gotten over (pretty much) the displeasure of what was done to Bilbo, like the movies? No... I love them. They were deliberately created to be a part of the whole of the world of Middle Earth as created by Peter Jackson. Will I buy the Extended Edition (#3) when it comes out? Yes.

Will I, some day, have a marathon watching of The Hobbit movies followed by The Lord of the Rings movies (all extended editions)? Oh, yeah.