“I'm a really slow knitter
without magic.”

Class Gallery

Knitting is fun and all, but there's little that's more satisfying than showing off your finished work. Below, you'll find some of the pictures various class members have submitted. There's some really beautiful work.

Also? I love seeing everyone's work get better and more sure of stitch. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Fall 2011

Aubrielle MacKenna

Aubrielle's first assignment

Cheralyn Merlie

Cheralyn's first assignment

Ivory Bartlett

Ivory's first assignment Ivory's first assignment, close-up

Marcie Hobber

Marcie's first assignment Marcie's second assignment Marcie's third assignment Marcie's fourth assignment
Marcie's final Marcie's scarf, in progress Marcie's finished scarf

Ramona Potter

Ramona's first assignment

Rilla White

Rilla's first assignment Another view of Rilla's first assignment More of Rilla's first assignment Another shot of Rilla's first assignment Rilla's second assignment, in progress
Rilla's second assignment, still in progress Rilla's second assignment, in progress and close-up The back of Rilla's second assignment Rilla's second assignment Rilla's second assignment, folded
Rilla's third assignment in progress A close-up of Rilla's third assignment Rilla's third assignment Rilla's final Rilla's final
Rilla's scarf, in progress Rilla's scarf Rilla's scarf, folded

Spring 2011

Alexis Davidson

Alexis's first assignment Alexis's second assignment Another view of Alexis's second assignment
Alexis's fourth assignment Alexis's scarf Alexis's scarf project

Amelia Fadden

Amelia's first assignment Amelia's first assignment, a second view Amelia's first assignment, close-up Amelia's second assignment Amelia's second assignment
Amelia's scarf, in progress Amelia's first scarf Amelia's scarf, close-up Amelia's scarf

Athena Xaviera

Athena's first assignment

Briella Keegan

Briella's first assignment

Lily Padfoot

Lily's first assignment Lily's second assignment Lily's third assignment Lily's third assignment

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Tarma's first assignment Tarma's first assignment, before finishing Tarma's first assignment, fun angle Tarma's first assignment again
Tarma's second assignment Tarma's second assignment Tarma's third assignment Tarma's third assignment Tarma's third assignment
Tarma's scarf, in progress Tarma's scarf Tarma's scarf A friend wearing Tarma's scarf

Saene DeCobra

Saene's first assignment Saene's second assignment Saene's third assignment Saene's fourth assignment Saene's final

Autumn 2010

Alice Kent

Alice's first assignment More of Alice's first assignment Alice's second assignment

Ardeliah Longbottom

Ardeliah's first assignment Ardeliah's second assignment Ardeliah's third assignment Ardeliah's final

Elliya Bertrand

Elliya's first assignment Elliya's second assignment Elliya's third assignment Elliya's fourth assignment Elliya's final

Gertrudis Leheureux

Gert's first assignment Gert's second assignment Gert's third assignment Gert's fourth assignment Gert's final
Gert's scarf, in progress Gert's scarf, in progress close-up of the needles Five-and-a-half cable repetitions later... The finished schrafowl

Hayley Harrison

Hayley's first assignment

Joanne Grey

Joanne's first assigment

Lee Tennant

Lee's first assignment Lee knits, in person!

Mopsy Prewett

Mopsy's first assignment Mopsy's garter stitch cloth in a tree Mopsy's second assignment Mopsy's third assignment Mopsy's fourth assignment
Mopsy's fourth assignment, close-up Mopsy's final Mopsy's scarf, in progress XXXXX XXXXX

Petunia Cauldwell

Petunia's first assignment

Sophia Manasa

Sophia's first assignment Sophia's second assignment Sophia's third assignment Sophia's fourth assignment
Sophia's final Sophia's scarf, in progress Sophia's finished scarf

Vienna Missaunt

Vienna's first assignment Vienna's second assignment Vienna's third assignment

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