“I'm a really slow knitter
without magic.”

Knit a scarf

Even though knitting was something that intrigued me for years, it wasn't until I became a Harry Potter fan that I finally picked up the needles and learned to do it. And it was all because of the scarf. You know the scarf. Yeah, that one. The other one, too.

Even if you've never wanted your own Hogwarts scarf, scarves are such iconic things to knit, and it's a great first step into wearable handknits. So, this term's big project is to knit a scarf! Exciting, isn't it!

As this is a term project, it's going to take some time, so you might want to get started on it, even though it's due June 15th. Depending on what you're knitting, you'll need all that time.

The Scarf Itself

You're welcome to find a pattern on your own, but you need to get it approved before starting on it. I've included Ravelry project links for Ravelry users; I find it particularly useful for the pictures of how the projects turn out.

Hogwarts Scarves patterns are abundant, particularly online, but you can find scarves and other Potter-themed patterns in Alison Hansel's book Charmed Knits: Projects for Harry Potter Fans, which seems to be pretty inexpensive if you want to buy it.

Other scarves, if you want to go beyond Hogwarts:

Because of the transitory nature of the internet, sometimes the original pattern links disappear. If that's happened since the last time I've checked the links, let me know; I have copies of all the patterns and can send it to you.

How to Earn All Your Points

To earn the full 90 points available, you need to complete the following steps:

1. Take an in-progress picture, with at least 12 inches/30 centimeters completed. I suggest using a piece of computer paper (letter-sized or A4) for an easy comparison. Worth 30 points.

2. A picture of your completed scarf. Feel free to have some fun with your picture, if you want. Worth 30 points.

3. Answer the following questions about your scarf. Worth 30 points.

a. Pattern:
b. Yarn used (brand, color, weight, content, amount):
c. Needles used (size and length, if necessary):
d. How long did it take to knit this scarf? (Approximate hours or a start and finish date)
e. Describe the experience of knitting a full scarf. (Suggestions of things you can write about: Was it harder than you expected? Easier? Was the pattern well-written or difficult to follow? How did the yarn feel as you were working with it? Was it soft or coarse? Were you able to maintain an even tension throughout? Did you make any mistakes in the process of knitting? Did you go back and fix them, or just embrace the process and let them stay? Was the first half easier or harder than the second half, and why? Etc., etc.)

Send your completed projects to [email protected], using the subject Knitting Term Project - Your HOL name. Due June 15th.

Knitting Terms

Check here for explanations of basic knitting terms that appear in the lessons.


About your professors

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If you've got a question about the class, the requirements, or any of the lessons, feel free to ask.