“I'm a really slow knitter
without magic.”

Class Survey

Because I want this class to be our class, I want to get feedback from everyone, 'cause that's how I roll. This survey comes in two parts, so I can gauge where we stand at the beginning of the class and the end of the class. You can find them below.

Opening Survey

Send your answers to [email protected]. Due between March 1st and March 31st. Worth 10 points.

1. Would you object to your work being included in a class gallery?
2. Describe your knitting and/or crafting (makin' stuff) experience.
3. Why are you taking this class? To learn a new skill, to be able to make a certain project, because you've always wanted to learn, etc.?
4. If there was one thing you could knit, one super-mega-awesome-totally-cool project, what would it be?
5. Right now (after having completed one or two assignments), how interested are you in knitting that goes beyond washcloths and rectangular things?

Closing Survey

Send your answers to [email protected]. Due between June 1st and June 15th. Worth 20 points.

1. For those who didn't know how to knit before: Based on your experience in this class and doing the assignments, are you interested in continuing to knit? Why or why not?
For those who already knew how to knit before: Did this class help your knitting in any way?
2. Were the lessons and assignments understandable and easy to follow? Were there any spots that you found unclear or difficult to understand?
3. Are the mid-month reminders via HOL message a help or a nuisance? Is there a better way to remind you about the assignments?
4. If you're interested in knitting more, what sorts of things are you interested in knitting next? (More rectangle things, like scarves or afghans; things you can wear, like hats and gloves and socks; objects, like knitted toys or pillows; something else?)
If you're not interested in more knitting, is there anything you think might help you change your mind?
5. Are you interested in signing up for the Knitting the Muggle Way: Wearables class?

Knitting Terms

Check here for explanations of basic knitting terms that appear in the lessons.


About your professors

Click here to read about the knitting histories of your beloved professors.



If you've got a question about the class, the requirements, or any of the lessons, feel free to ask.