“I'm a really slow knitter
without magic.”

Research Project

Most HOL classes have a writing element to them, and I couldn't let you go without giving you at least one opportunity to do so.

Choose one topic from the list below (or, if you have an interesting idea, contact us to get permission) and write an essay. It doesn't have to be too long, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 words should be good. (You're of course welcome to write more, should you have lots to say.) Send it to [email protected], using the subject Knitting Research Project - Your HOL name.

Research Topics

  • Knitting's transition from a profession to a hobby
  • Different types of natural fibers and where they come from
  • World knitting records
  • Yarn bombing
  • History, myths, and realities of Aran knitting
  • The origins of Fair Isle knitting
  • Elizabeth Zimmerman's influence on modern knitting
  • History of charity and wartime knitting
  • Choose three knitting blogs or sites to review
  • Find a local knitting group, go to a couple gatherings, and write about the experience

Due June 15th. Worth 30 points.

Knitting Terms

Check here for explanations of basic knitting terms that appear in the lessons.


About your professors

Click here to read about the knitting histories of your beloved professors.



If you've got a question about the class, the requirements, or any of the lessons, feel free to ask.